Grade 10bR plants trees (auf Englisch)

In April 2022 grade 10bR planted two  trees "Winterrabour" and "Geheimrat Oldenburg" on the grassland behind the school. 
On this sunny afternoon the class together with Mrs May and Mr Winter dug two holes, took the stones out of the earth and mixed mulch with it. Two poles were put into the holes to protect the trees from the wind. The trees were planted and the earth was carefully put back, so that the roots had a good contact with the soil around it and could grow fast. 
After that the earth was watered. The trees were tied to the poles and a sign with a short discription of the apple variety and an information about who planted the trees was fixed to it.
Some students calculated  the volume and the weight of the earth. All in all five tons of soil were
Another team wrote this report and another one mulched the trees. Other pupils collected information about the apple trees. Everyone worked all the time.
The harvest will be taken to the nearest winery. Apple juice will be made from it there and the students can drink the apple juice in the cafeteria.
The apple trees were donated by the school support association. 
We hope the trees will grow strong and will remind us of our gratulation in the year 2022.